Remember when blogs were fun? Remember LiveJournal? You and your friends were all on LiveJournal and it was mostly completely uninteresting to maybe one or two friends but you wrote in it anyway because it was fun. I met my first serious boyfriend through LiveJournal. I got my first programming job through LiveJournal. Somehow, the tight knit blogging communities like LiveJournal turned into people posting professional quality photographs of their perfectly curated minimalist homes.

This is pretty to look at, but do you really want to live like this? It would get so dirty, so fast. This isn’t (as far as I know) some blogger’s home office, but a photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash. It could be, though.

Maybe blogging still has a community somewhere, and I’m hoping to find that again. I used to write on this blogging platform called Vox. I didn’t tell my real life family and friends about it, and it was an essential outlet for me to get through a difficult time in my life. The best part of Vox was the community, or as they termed it, your “neighborhood.” I’ve since met some of my Vox neighbors in person and I’m still friends with a few of my Vox neighbors today, even though the platform died years ago. Maybe some bloggers today, even the super minimalist ones, do have a tight community like that and I truly hope they all do.

I could wax nostalgic for hours about how amazing the Internet used to be before social media came along and “internet life” and “real life” joined at the hip and became inseparable. But the point of this post is to explain why I started blogging again. I knew I wanted to start another blog for a while now, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be. I definitely didn’t want to go the whole “here’s a bunch of photos of my perfect home where everything is white except all my plants” route because for one, I have a toddler. And two, I kill plants. RIP, plants.

I’m so sorry, plants!

Instead, I wanted to write about nerdy stuff, and what it’s like being a nerdy parent, and what if my kid doesn’t turn out to be a nerd, and how to deal with a partner who’s not as nerdy as you are. I wanted to write for new parents who wonder how the heck they’re going to find time to play video games now that they have kids, or for people who are wondering what the best adventure games are, or to crowdsource what MMO I should be playing, or just to talk about how great the Internet was back in my day.

This brings me to Blaugust. I’d been hemming and hawing about starting this blog when I heard about Blaugust. I was less interested in the blog-for-30-days challenge (I’m a Questioner and that sort of thing doesn’t work for me) and more interested in the community of gaming bloggers aspect.

Blaugust is about blogging in the month of August, but it’s also about the community. Blaugust has a Discord server where participants can get together, get advice, share posts, and game together. When I heard about it, I thought, this is just the thing I need to actually start this parenting/gaming blog I’ve had in my head, and hopefully keep at it, too. Click the link below (or here) if you want to sign up.

Screenshot of the old LiveJournal home page via The Toast.


6 thoughts on “Where’s My Blogging Community?

  1. I’ve been wondering about how to find my way back into the blogging community! I took a hiatus for a year or so to take care of my infant… and that short period of time was enough to kill most of the blogs I followed. Good luck with Blaugust! I don’t think I’ll be able to do the challenge because I’m a teacher, but I’m going to start looking out for similar ones during a less hectic time of year! Thanks for the tip.


  2. A lot of those participating in Blaugust Reborn have also been involved in older events, such as The Newbie Blogger Initiative. It’s a broad and diverse community and people write and explore a wide range of subjects. I decided quite quickly not to exclusively focus on just MMO gaming and now have a site that accommodates my eclectic tastes. So given the subjects that you’re aiming to explore, I think you’ll have no problem finding an enthusiastic audience.


  3. I understand what you mean about community. Just today I was thinking about how commercial blogging has become, people are always trying to sell something. Sell an idea by all means but don’t use my blog about taking a walk in the garden to sell me a lawnmower! lol Anyway, good luck on your new blog attempt…


  4. Oh man, LiveJournal brings back some memories! I kind of miss being able to be *that* authentic, but I guess that’s why I have other outlets. 🙂 Looking forward to more of your posts, and getting to know you throughout Blaugust!

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