What’s this blog about?

Parenting when you’re a nerd. Video games, books, writing, pop culture, and so on, when you also have kids, and in my case, a full-time job.

Who’s Alli?

That’s me! I’m a nerd and feminist in my mid-30s and the mom to an incredible two-year-old boy. I’ll be married the love of my life in September, 2018. I’m also a Software Engineer (of course, I have to have a nerdy job). In my spare time I like to write: I’ve written a draft of one novel and working on my second. I’ve written for Fast Company, Hackernoon, and other publications. I have a BA in English–all the programming stuff was self taught.

Who’s Indy?

That’s my son. “Indy” is not his real name; I’ve decided not to use his real name here. Read more about why. He’s almost 4, loves dinosaurs, trucks, and our two kitties.

Are you going to write about programming here?

Maybe a little, but that’s not going to be a primary focus of the blog.

Top 5 favorite video games?

The Longest Journey
Dragon Age: Origins
Mass Effect 2
Don’t Starve
Tomb of the Taskmaker

(Not necessarily in order.)

I found this blog through some MMO thing. Do you play MMOs?

I love MMOs! But none of them made it into my top 5. Not even after all the hours I spent playing World of Warcraft. This post explains why I’m not playing any MMOs right now.

Where’d you get that picture of you?

That’s from the game Data Dealer. I helped them with their successful kickstarter campaign. The flaming critter icon from the blog comes from the vintage mac game Another Fine Mess.

Is Rense your last name?

No, Rense is my middle name, but I go by Alli Rense online and in most of my writing.