What’s this blog about?

Parenting when you’re a nerd. Video games, books, writing, pop culture, and so on, when you also have kids, and in my case, a full-time job.

Who’s Alli?

That’s me! I’m a nerd and feminist in my mid-30s and the mom to an incredible two-year-old boy. I’ll be marrying the love of my life this September. I’m also a Software Engineer (of course, I have to have a nerdy job). In my spare time I like to write: I’ve written a draft of one novel and working on my second. I’ve written for Fast Company, Hackernoon, and other publications. I have a BA in English–all the programming stuff was self taught.

Who’s Indy?

That’s my son. “Indy” is not his real name; I’ve decided not to use his real name here. Read more about why. He’s 2.5, loves dinosaurs, trucks, and our two kitties.

Are you going to write about programming here?

Maybe a little, but that’s not going to be a primary focus of the blog.

Top 5 favorite video games?

The Longest Journey
Dragon Age: Origins
Mass Effect 2
Don’t Starve
Tomb of the Taskmaker

(Not necessarily in order.)

I found this blog through some MMO thing. Do you play MMOs?

I love MMOs! But none of them made it into my top 5. Not even after all the hours I spent playing World of Warcraft. Once I write about why I’m not heavily playing MMOs anymore, I’ll post a link here.

Where’d you get that picture of you?

That’s from the game Data Dealer. I helped them with their successful kickstarter campaign.

Is Rense your last name?

No, Rense is my middle name, but I go by Alli Rense online and in most of my writing.