Goodbye Blog, Hello Newsletter

I’m letting the blog expire on the 21st. This shouldn’t be a terribly huge surprise, as I haven’t updated since last October.

Instead, I started a newsletter. I’m not sure what to say about it because I’m not sure what it’s going to be about. It’s called “The Engineers Newsletter” but generally won’t be about engineering. It’s a vehicle for personal essays, which I’ve brainstormed various topics with no underlying theme. I know I’m doing an exceptional job of selling it here, but if you like me or my writing, perhaps you’ll want to sign up. I expect to write on a monthly basis, but likely I’m overestimating. Either way, it’s certainly not going to clog up your inbox.

You can read more and subscribe here. I hope to see you there.

Photo by Jonas Allert on Unsplash. Something sharp; something new.